Kylie Tolman

Closing Speaker

Kylie is a triple negative, stage 3 breast cancer survivor and is also the founder of C.A.R.E.S Charitable Trust, supporting people to find their new “normal” once active cancer treatment has finished.
Kylie used to think that once her cancer treatment was finished, that would be the end of her journey to some extent and that life would go back to how it was……
As hard as she tried to slot back into life, work, family etc she still felt lost, angry, scared and anxious.
Part of her had changed forever and she did not know how to deal with it.
Kylie soon realised that these feelings are SO normal but yet they are not talked about enough. Having a strong support network and a well built toolbox is incredibly important through this time so people can find their new normal in a healthy more positive way.
Hear Kylie’s inspirational story of resilience and survival and find how what she has incorporated into her life, could also help you when you come across bumps in the road of life.

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