Brett Muir

Event Facilitator

Brett's background has involved several reinventions of his career. His first job was in the freezing works, a great leveller and point to grow in communication with a smorgasbord of people types. Then as a community and youth worker and retraining in sales and public relations. The next step was in facilitating community driven projects, events and business promotions. A direct business to business sales position followed and to owning the current tradie business.

Having always felt that there was an elusive next step waiting to be found, Brett attended a Life Coaching course this year before Covid had unleashed its full impact and found it to be a Point of Change for himself.

Out of that training event Brett began to gather together people with a similar vision to run this Point of Change Forum. With the COVID pandemic across the world, it became clear that a forum offering reflection around change and personal development was a timely option. Brett sees the need for a space where WHAT IFS can be fully explored and the forum as a definite part of meeting that need. Brett is continuing to train in Life and Career Coaching to be able to offer both one to one help as well as facilitating a range of forums.


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